Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO), Madrid We are looking for 2 highly motivated postdocs in Antonio Alcami´s laboratory.
1 year contracts with the possibility of extension

Position 1: Poxvirus immune evasion Poxviruses, such as the viruses causing monkeypox or mousepox modulate the host immune response by encoding secreted receptors for Interferon or TNF, and other viral molecules that inhibit DNA sensing host responses. We use the mousepox model of infection to determine the impact of these viral immunomodulators on viral pathogenesis.
The potential use of these viral proteins as anti-inflammatory medicaments will be evaluated. Experience in virology, immunology and animal models of infection will be an advantage.

Position 2: Airborne transmission of viruses The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses. We have developed new methodology to capture viruses in air samples and are expanding these studies to monitor other respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus, influenza virus and common cold coronaviruses. The project involves collaborations with companies to develop new sampling technology and with hospitals to test the equipment. Studies to monitor airborne viruses in public places will also be conducted. Experience in virology and diagnostic methods (qPCR) will be an advantage.

@iviromics and www.cbm.uam.es/antonio_alcami If you are interested send your CV, motivation letter and the name/contact of 2-3 referees to Antonio Alcamí (aalcami@cbm.csic.es)
Deadline 15 February 2023