The Cancer Immunity Lab is seeking a Postdoctoral fellow to join the Cancer Immunity lab, at CNIO, Madrid (Spain). Our lab focuses on understanding the crosstalk between myeloid cells and tumor progression, with a particular emphasis on discovering novel tumor physiological cues. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to study the biology myeloid cells, integrating cutting-edge technologies, mouse models and human biopsies. Additional information on our research program can be found on our website:

The project is funded through ERA-NET TRANSCAN (LipidMac: and aims to uncover key components of lipid metabolism in ovarian cancer, the functional contribution of clonal hematopoiesis into lipid-laden macrophages in OC and the mechanisms that drive ICB resistance into these tumors. Our is expected to travel to these locations and exchange knowledge and expertise with the consortia lab members. While the project is funded, the applicant is expected to apply to postdoctoral fellowships.

What we look for:
• The candidate should either already possess, or be in the final stages of obtaining a Ph.D. in cancer biology and/or tumor immunology, cell and molecular biology, biomedical sciences, or a related field. Background in flow cytometry, in vivo tumor models and molecular biology as well as experience with mouse handling, is essential to apply.
• The candidate is expected to be highly motivated, creative, kind, well-organized, and capable of contributing productively in a great lab environment.
• The candidate is expected to perform experiments, analyze and interpret results.
• Communication skills in written and oral English will be essential to apply.
• Computer skills with knowledge on MS Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Photoshop, Illustrator, Image J, statistical analysis and single cell analysis will be considered positively.

What we offer:
– Top science and training opportunities at CNIO
– Competitive salary
– Social benefits

If you are willing to join a young and fun group of cancer immunologists, this is your lab! This is a unique opportunity to work in a dynamic and stimulating academic environment, at a top-notch institution in Spain. Please submit a cover letter describing your motivation to apply, copy of current curriculum vitae, and a list of three references directly to:  (María Casanova Acebes, Ph.D. –  Cancer Immunity Laboratory)

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