We invite talented postdoctoral researchers to join our laboratory, led by Dr. Iñaki Sanz, at the Lowance Center for Human Immunology, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a remarkable opportunity to explore the pivotal role of B cells in influencing the development of lupus and other autoimmune diseases.
Areas of active research include:

  • Investigating the regulation of human B cell differentiation and self-tolerance and their dysregulation in autoimmunity.
  • Determining how both primary and memory B cell pathways contribute to autoimmune and protective immune responses.
  • Studying the origin and maintenance of short-lived and long-lived plasma cells in the context of autoimmunity and infectious disease.
  • Understanding the impact of B cell-targeted therapies such as belimumab and rituximab on autoimmune diseases, as well as their effects on vaccine and infectious disease responses, with an emphasis on COVID-19.

Our laboratory provides a unique training environment that offers comprehensive insights into human B cells from both scientific and clinical perspectives. Postdoctoral researchers will employ cutting-edge immunological, molecular, and computational techniques to address fundamental questions in human immunology. These techniques include single-cell CITESeq, high throughput B cell repertoire analysis, single cell epigenetic analysis, and multi-parameter spectral flow cytometry

Positions are supported from grants from the NIH, Lupus Research Alliance, Advanced Research Projects for Health (ARPA-H) and the Lowance Endowment.

Qualified candidates will have a PhD or equivalent degree in Immunology or other fields of relevance including Molecular or Cell Biology, Virology, Computational Biology, and Biomedical Engineering. The ideal candidate will have a strong publication record and excellent references. He or she will be highly driven, intellectually independent, and committed to becoming an independent scientist.

Interested candidates should contact through Nature and send cover letter and biosketch and arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be sent to:

Iñaki Sanz, MD
Mason I. Lowance Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics Chief, Division of Rheumatology and Director, Lowance Center for Human Immunology, Ignacio.sanz@emory.edu

Emory University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status


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