RNA delivery to cells via following lessons from viruses

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated individual to develop novel methods to deliver therapeutic RNAs to specific cells and tissues using virus-like particles as a postdoctoral fellow. We are taking a radically innovative approach to delivery following the lessons taught by viruses. This is not your father’s VLP strategy. The selected candidate will be part of a new Ionis team developing cutting edge technology in gene editing and will have the opportunity to do groundbreaking science and make discoveries that will enable delivery of life-saving medicines based on CRISPR-related technologies.


  • Ph.D. in chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, or chemical biology, with a proven track record of innovative research, including publications in top tier scientific journals.
  • Candidates will be considered that have expertise in functional characterization of protein expression, purification, renaturation, formulation, microfluidic methods, nanoparticle characterization, zeta potential measurements, molecular biology, or cell culture methods.
  • Experience in advanced laboratory analytical techniques such as DLS, EM and cryoEM or mass spectrometry would be a plus.
  • Expertise in virology, virus life cycle and genome packaging are a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Self-starter who is a critical thinker, has a strong work ethic and is not afraid to take risks and initiate novel techniques.
  • Outstanding organizational, communication and team skills.
  • Ability to be productive and successful in an intense work environment.

Please visit our website, www.ionispharma.com for more information about Ionis and to apply for this position; reference requisition #IONIS003180

Full Benefits Link: https://www.ionispharma.com/careers/working-at-ionis/#:~:text=our%20employee%20spotlight-,Benefits,-Employees%20are%20rewarded

The pay scale for this position is $74,000 to $82,000

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