The NEOtrap, the Nanopore Electro-Osmotic trap [1,2,3], is formed by a DNA-origami structure docked onto a nanopore to (i) form a nanoscale cavity, and (ii) induce an electro-osmotic trapping potential. This allows us to sense the behaviour of a single protein over time, similar to other techniques (smFRET, optical/magnetic tweezers), but with the big advantage that the NEOtrap works label-free using native proteins. The NEOtrap is further unique, in that it covers up to 8 orders in time (microseconds to hours), which is ideal to detect the broad range dynamics observed in proteins. The NEOtrap can distinguish proteins of different molecular weight, and even nucleotide-dependent conformations of a given protein. Its excellent sensitivity clears the way for many exciting next steps, such as the electrical detection of protein dynamics, single-molecule enzymology, proteomic fingerprinting, electro-optical combinations etc. This position will give you the opportunity to (i) investigate fascinating protein systems using the NEOtrap and complementary techniques (e.g. FRET), (ii) to develop single-molecule proteomics approaches, and (iii) to design a new electro-optical readout with unique sensing capacities. Altogether, this is an ideal position for a new colleague who will be embedded in a trilateral Dutch Nanopore consortium among Groningen (Maglia), Delft (Dekker), and Wageningen (Schmid) groups.

Candidate profile: For this innovative, NWO-funded 3-year project, we are immediately looking for an enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in one or ideally several of the following fields: experience in single-molecule experiments (any kind), (bio)physics/ nanoscience, nanofluidics/ nanopore detection, advanced data analysis and pattern recognition. We further expect the candidate to have an independent, well-organized and reliable work style, to be communicative and interested in the broader field of single-molecule biophysics, thereby contributing to our open and interactive lab culture. It goes without saying that we look for friendly and driven colleagues of all kind (gender, religion, origin, etc.etc.) to enrich our team.

Group profile: At the NanoDynamicsLab, we are an ambitious interdisciplinary group of people embedded in the Laboratory of Biophysics at WUR, The Netherlands. Our backgrounds range from physics to biochemistry, which creates a stimulating atmosphere where everybody learns from each other. We share the fascination for ‘things that move at the nanoscale’, and the motivation to understand and control how life emerges from biomolecular dynamics at the nanoscale. To this end, we collaborate with several groups in-house at WUR, within the thriving biophysics community in The Netherlands, and beyond. Want to know more? Get in touch with Sonja Schmid ( or other members of the group.

Please apply by May 31st 2023 – the sooner the better – including a motivation letter, CV, and email addresses of two references, via email to:

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